Teen Institute

Teen Institute


The Heart of New York Teen Institute (T.I.) is a high school peer leadership program that begins with an annual four-day leadership conference.


The Mission of T.I. is to empower teens with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead an alcohol, tobacco and other drug-free life; develop and strengthen leadership skills; educate and lead peers to reduce the frequency of substance abuse and other unhealthy behaviors; advocate for positive change within their schools and communities; and promote healthy decision making.


NATI: National Association of Teen Institutes
NATI is the professional membership organization of a dynamic network of youth leadership programs throughout the United States. These programs are dedicated to providing young people with the leadership skills to promote alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention and healthy lifestyles. Currently, there are 50 programs operating in 21 states and directly serving an average of 36,500 youth annually.

2017 celebrates the 31st year of the Heart of NY Teen Institute.


Local Impact
The Heart of NY Teen Institute directly serves an average of 100 new youth in grades 9-12, each year at the annual Teen Insititute Conference. As a result of the youth leadership and prevention education training they receive, those youth go on to impact over 5,000 of their peers in the following year, in addition to thousands of younger students and adults in their communities.

In 26 years, Teen Institute youth have gone on to positively impact the lives of over 135,000 of their peers and members of their communities.


Action Plans
The T.I. program empowers youth to learn to discover leadership abilities within themselves and in their peers. They are empowered to address challenges that exist within their schools and communities through this positive and creative prevention planning process.

Through dynamic presentations, experiential workshops, small discussion groups, and prevention planning sessions, participants gain knowledge about topics that are pertinent to adolescents and young adults.

Youth work alongside their Team Advisor at the conference to develop an Action Plan for their school or community. Following the conference, youth will need to meet regularly with the support of their Team Advisor to implement their Action Plan. Through these plans, T.I. teams will educate and lead peers to reduce the frequency of substance abuse and other unhealthy behaviors, advocate for positive change within their schools and communities and promote healthy decision making.

31st Annual Teen Institute Conference
November 16-19, 2017
at Camp Long Point Conference Center, in Penn Yan, NY.


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Youth Participant Sponsor : $ 185
Incentive: Company name on Website and program

Team Sponsor: $1,295
Incentive: Company name on conference gear, plus 'Youth Sponsor' level incentives.

Corporate Sponsor: $1500+
Incentive: Prominent signage at conference, plus incentives from 2 previous levels.


* Prevention Network is a not-for-profit (501c3) agency. All sponsors will receive proof of their generous donations for tax purposes.


For more information, contact Nicole Rookey at 315-471-1359.