2017 Training Schedule


Families in Crisis

March 22, 2017; 9 - Noon

 3 clock hours; CASAC renewal/CPP & CPS: Section 2


Are you an advocate or an enabler? This course will define crisis as it relates to the family unit and explore strategies for supporting loved ones while encouraging self-sufficiency. Learn ways to maintain healthy boundaries, foster resiliency and engage community resources.                       


Prevention 101 (Getting solid: A foundation for prevention)

April 19, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

6 clock hours; CASAC renewal/CPP & CPS: Section 2


        Are treatment & recovery our only recourse in the addiction field? Let’s make the case for Prevention and impact change before the problems occur. Participants will learn the various prevention models, review the risk & protective factors as well as strategies to involve youth in community level change.


The Space In-Between: Healthy Communities & Developing Partnerships for Prevention

May 24, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

6 Clock Hours; CASAC renewal/CPP & CPS: Sect. 2


               What are some of the issues plaguing your community? What can you do to impact change? This workshop will highlight the Strategic Prevention Framework as a resource to sustain healthy communities. Through interaction, exercises and activities, participants will also become skilled at environmental prevention techniques, craft effective prevention strategies and learn how to engage key stakeholders to successfully implement valuable community wide strategies.


 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum

 June 28, 2017; 9 - NOON

3 Clock Hours; CASAC renewal/CPP & CPS: Sect. 1


              Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) refer to a group of physical, behavioral & learning problems that result from alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This workshop will explore the different disorders and help the participants to understand the effects, identify resources and learn intervention strategies of FASD.


Drug Trends

July 26, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

6 clock hours; CASAC renewal/CPP: Section 1 


         Participants will gain insight into the types of substances emerging today and in the future, how to stay current with these drug trends and the potential impact to expect on services and individuals.



MET: Motivational Interviewing

August 23, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

 6 clock hours; CASAC renewal/CPP: Section 4


               When and how do people change? This training includes an overview of the motivational enhancement model, stages of a client’s readiness to change, building motivation for change, and how this approach compares to other treatment approaches.


Relapse Prevention

September 27, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

6 clock hours; CASAC renewal/CPP: Section 4


Relapse is common among the recovering population. What are the triggers for relapse and how do we learn new coping skills? Learn how to prevent relapse by focusing on the basic relapse dynamics and the most updated prevention models.


Preventing Counselor Burnout (Burnout Concerns of Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counselors)

October 25, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

6 clock hours; CASAC renewal/ CPP & CPS: Section 3


           Burnout and compassion fatigue can greatly impact a counselor’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Through this course, participants will learn techniques to promote self-care and find resources to maintain a healthy sense of self while doing the best work in support of clients.


Adolescents Treatment Issues

November 29, 2017; 9 - 4:00pm

6 clock hours; CASAC renewal/CPP & CPS: Section 1 


              Adolescents are a special population... Various aspects of the alcohol and other drug-involved adolescent such as: developmental tasks, current trends, risk and resiliency factors, adolescent assessment, motivation, and treatment issues will be discussed. 

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