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 Co-Occurring Disorders: Addiction and Mental Health Issues At Wit's End

What do we do when a loved one is suffering from depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, trauma, or any other mental health disorder along with substance abuse? This home study provides some suggestions for family members and counselors to do in order to assist one in achieving sobriety and handling their mental health condition. Several case histories are discussed.

  • 21 Clock hours - $120
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP/CPS: Section I



Moving Beyond Anger to Forgiveness From Anger to Forgiveness

This study focuses on how to move beyond anger and resentment to forgiveness in order to maintain peace within ourselves. As we understand and move through anger, we can begin to conquer it and learn how to handle this powerful emotion. This home study discusses the many faces of anger and how it affects our everyday life.

  • 6.5 Clock hours - $40
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP: Section IV



Heroin: Addiction and Treatment  Heroin

"We see it in films, read about it in obituaries and hear about its resurgence in the latest news." Did you know opium was first discovered about seven thousand years ago? "Heroin is recommended reading for both the general public and addiction treatment professionals." Utilizing this book and home study materials, students are guided through a comprehensive exploration of heroin's history, pharmacology and more.

  • 32 Clock hours - $175
  • CASAC: Section I
  • CPP/CPS: Section I



Co-Dependency: A Diagnosis Diagnosing and Treating Co-Dependence

Addiction is generally acknowledged as a family disease.
This home study provides a guide for professionals who work with chemical dependents, their spouses and children. The information focuses on assisting professionals in clearly defining co-dependency, suggested diagnostic criteria and treatment of co-dependence. The material also introduces the student to considerations for the "co-dependent professional." Lastly, this course helps us to begin to discuss...where do we go from here?

  • 10 clock hours - $65
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP/CPS: Section i



Slaying the Dragon: History of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Treatment Slaying the Dragon

Where have we been? Where are we going in regards to treatment? Who were the major contributors to this profession? This home study explores various treatment methods that have been done throughout history. The reform clubs and temperance societies, Minnesota Model, and the 12-steps and traditions are discussed in depth.

  • 40 Clock hours - $240
  • CASAC – Section 1 and CPP/CPS – Section 1



Addiction: A Family Disease  Addiction in the Family

There is hope! This book is for the hidden victims of addiction — families. Chemical dependency affects family systems. The signs and symptoms, how a family changes, recovers and heals from this disease are discussed. This home study will offer practical suggestions for treating the chemically dependent family.

  • 8.5 Clock hours - $55
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP: Section IV



Elderly Home Study  Addictions Treatments for Older Adults

This home study covers counseling methods that assist older adults to terminate or reduce substance abuse, thereby improving other areas of their lives. This method of treatment can be utilized even if the client refuses to admit to having an addiction problem.

  • 15 Clock hours - $100
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP/CPS: Section I



Painkillers: Dangerous Drugs  When Painkillers Become Dangerous

Who becomes addicted? Why? This home study explores the epidemic of becoming addicted to pain medications. What do family members do when loved ones become addicted to such drugs as OxyContin, Morphine, and other pain medications? Who is at risk for this disease? The book illustrates the impact prescription drug addiction has on the family, and how loved ones can intervene to get the addicted family member into treatment using the CRAFT method.

  • 15 Clock hours - $90
  • CASAC: Section I
  • CPS/CPP: Section I



Addiction and Self-Deception  Addictive Thinking

Deception: an illusion or fraud? This course explores addictive thinking and self-deceptive pattersn. Ever wonder how people rationalize? How does this thought process affect relationships, work and families? This home study looks at how one can actually deceive him/herself and others into their way of reasoning. Become aware of what addictive thiking is, the thought process behind it, and its self-deceptive nature.

  • 8.5 Clock hours - $60
  • CASAC: Section I
  • CPS/CPP: Section I



Gambling Addiction  Born to Lose

Statistics regarding gambling addiction are alarming. How can you assess if one is a compulsive gambler? This insidious disease has destroyed many lives. you may be surprised as to what the various forms of gambling are. How does one recover? The Road to Recovery, Gamblers Anonymous, and the GA Combo Book are explored and discussed. A very interesting read!

  • 8 Clock hours - $57
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPS/CPP: Section I



Trauma, Addiction, and Mental Health - Disorders: Responding to Women's Responding to Physical and Sexual Abuse in WomenNeeds

What percentage of women in the general population report experiencing sexual and physical abuse during their lifetime? The text for this home study presents a perspective of treatment for women with physical and sexual abuse as well as alcohol and other drug and mental health disorders. The material explores outcome-based strategies from and integrated perspective that includes the strengths and needs of this special population.

  • 18 Clock hours - $120
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP/CPS: Section I



Tobacco Addiction and How to Overcome It  Helping a Loved One Live Smoke Free

Did you know that the average ex-smoker quits 10 to 12 times before actually succeeding? Nicotine addiction is extremely difficult to overcome. It describes strategies and techniques on how one can help, support, assist and encourage a smoker to quit. This 10-hour home study discusses the smoking cessation process.

  • 10 Clock hours - $65
  • CASAC: Section I
  • CPS/CPP: Section I



Self Injury: The Hidden AddictionSecret Scars

Many of our youth suffer with this addiction. Find out what causes it, who is at risk, the signs and symptoms of cutting, and how one can overcome this addiction. Practical applications and strategies for recovery are explored and discussed. A must for those working with adolescents and teenagers. Many have found this text to be very interesting and helpful!

  • 20 Clock hours - $120
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP: Section IV
  • CPS: Re-credentialing only


Handling Anger: Finding Solace Healing An Angry Heart

In this home study, we learn how to use anger as a constructive tool to make peace with ourselves and others. Anger can be used as a tool to overcome grief and is part of the healing process. Finding solace is often a difficult task. Very often we can learn several lessons from anger. What are they? How does anger make us stronger, healthier, and even become our friend on life's journey?

  • 10 Clock hours - $65
  • CASAC: Section IV
  • CPS/CPP: Section III


 Up All Night Up All Night

This home study explores the various designer drugs that are being used in our nation's schools and on our college campuses. Learn the up-to-date facts about ecstasy, Ketamine, 2-CBs (no, they are not vitamins), GHB, and inhalants. Be aware, it could save someone's life. Don't be left in the dark.

  • 5 Clock hours - $43
  • CASAC: Section I
  • CPS/CPP: Section I



Adolescence and Lost Fathers Lost Fathers

Written expressively for adult women, Lost Fathers is a healing, authoritative guide to understanding how behaviors, relationships, and sense of "self" in adulthood are shaped by the experience of losing one's father during adolescence to death, divorce, abandonment, incarceration, or addiction. Practical suggestions are given to assist clients who have lost their fathers at an early age to overcome their grief and trauma.

  • 13 Clock hours - $80
  • CASAC: Section II
  • CPP/CPS: Section I


Marijuana: The Facts     (Out Of Stock) hs-truthpot

In this home study, ten people courageously share personal testimonies of their life-changing journey from marijuana addiction into recovery.

10 Clock hours - $65

CASAC: Section I - renewal only

CPP/CPS: Section I




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