Underage Drinking


Social Policy – When our government raised the drinking age from 18 to 21 in 1975, an estimated 30,000 lives have been saved since that time. What we decide as a nation, state, county, city or town matters. Prevention Network researches such policies and educates the public about which ones have proven to be effective in protecting young people from the consequences of alcohol and other drug use.


Education – Prevention Network’ Underage Drinking Program offers a variety of programs designed to inform parents, educators, and young people about the true consequences of drinking alcohol at an early age. For example, with the on-set of advanced scientific research on brain development, the impact of alcohol and other addictive substances on the brain has been well documented and makes a compelling argument for the delay of alcohol and other drug use until into one’s early twenties.


Coalition Building – Prevention Network’s Underage Drinking Program participates in a number of area coalitions in order to have the greatest impact on developing training, education and social policy affecting youth and their use alcohol. These coalitions are focused on the health and safety of young people and families in neighborhoods throughout Syracuse and Onondaga County.



Highlighted below are some of the past/recent underage drinking posters sent throughout the community to help remind students to make healthy choices.



Parents, students and professionals team up to reduce underage drinking
where we live. We are preventing youth from dying, being hurt and hurting others.



dead end

We educate and organize through the media, at conferences, and in
the classroom.


emergency room poster REAL

We are making a difference as we face an alcohol industry that annually
spends $6,000,000,000 in advertising alone.



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